I am 54 years old and been wearing Audibel hearing aids from Kuykendall’s since I was in my early 40s. I have a genetic hearing problem that was aggravated by throat cancer treatment.

The hearing aids from Kuykendall’s has made it possible for me to continue at my job and also is a blessing to my wife and family around me. I work with many women and my hearing loss is worse when dealing with high tones like women’s voices. I have also struggled hearing on my office phone. Kuykendall’s not only provides hi-quality hearing aids but teaches you ways to use them to get the best results from them with life application. This includes using them with your cell phone blue tooth to increase benefits.

I am not qualified to tell you the difference between the hearing aids I wear and the multiple options you find out there on the market today. What I can tell you is what you get from Kuykendall’s when you buy their products. They stand behind them with service that is unmatched. They take care of the products and also help monitor your hearing levels when dealing with aging or in my situation which was a health issue.

I am going to do whatever I can to make my hearing better to continue on with life. If I am going to expend those resources, I want to make sure the company I am buying from it as committed. Kuykendall’s will advises me on upgrades as necessary but gives me the service I need to make sure the product I purchase has a good life span.

I won’t buy from anywhere else.