Kuykendall Hearing Aid Center Joins Starkey Hearing Foundation in Jamaica

Last December, Kuykendall Hearing Aid Center joined Starkey® Hearing Foundation on a hearing mission in Kingston, Jamaica. Through a four-day hearing mission trip, Greg and Christi Kuykendall were able to live their dream to help the people of Jamaica with their hearing. Joining a team of more than 30 professionals, the Kuykendalls helped Starkey Hearing Foundation serve over 731 children and adults with hearing loss.

“There are always boundless tears and emotions when helping someone hear or hear clearer for the first time, and of course it has a profound impact on their lives. It also breaks your heart to face a Greg with mancase that you cannot help, but the Jamaican people were so grateful for even the smallest improvement in their hearing, it was so touching,” Greg Kuykendall said. 

Greg’s wife Christi asked him afterwards which had a bigger impact on him – the mission trip, the work the Foundation was doing, or seeing the change in the lives of the people he helped. He answered with “All of them.”

 But, the Kuykendall’s had another reason to make this hearing mission special. Sandi Montgomery, a cherished staff member of 11 years at Kuykendall Hearing Aid Center, had recently passed. Her family had selected Starkey Hearing Foundation as her memorial, so Greg and Christi decided to make the mission in her honor and memory.

  “With more hands-on deck at Kuykendall’s, we had more time to travel and give back. Jamaica was somewhere we’d been visiting for a while, and every time we went back, we fell more in love with the people and the culture,” Christi Kuykendall said. “When the opportunity came to join Starkey Hearing Foundation on a mission there, it was just perfect timing.”

 Christy and womenChristy and child






 “To call Kuykendall Hearing Aid Center & Diagnostic Audiology a family would be an understatement,” Greg Kuykendall said. “We have been very blessed to have not only four generations of Kuykendall men working in this field, but to have always had a wonderful group of employees who become family. This mission was a perfect way to honor Sandi’s memory, to honor her incredible care and dedication to helping others hear better.”

 Kingston training team

Starkey Hearing Foundation works tirelessly to bring caring and hearing healthcare to communities around the world. To learn more about their global efforts please visit www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org.